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135 LB
Full range driver unit
The 135 LB is a real full range functioning without bicone. Resulting from the control of the treatment of membrane of the Supravox laboratory the response curve of this membrane extends until 18kHz. optimization from the couple membrane/bobine made it possible to gain in speed of membrane and of sensitivity while pushing back until the limit of audible the high cut of the transducer. These parameters make of it a high speaker bafflable in volumes even more reduced than its precedent. In the Supravox column dedicated to 13 cm its answer is stable with +/- 3 dB of 60Hz with 18 Khz. 13 cm has to privilege for the ones in love with a clear and precise medium.
Mesurement curves
135 LB Specifications

Efficiency 1 W/1m at Fs

95 dB Fs
80 Hz
Frequency response 80 à 18kHz Qts
Impedance 8 ohms Qe

Power max. RMS

35 W Qm
Weight 1.7 kg Vas
14 L
Suspension 5 plis papier Bl
Linear excursion 6 mm Re

Magnet diameter

96 mm Cms
Magnetic field 1.4 T Mms
3.3 g

Diameter HP

134/151 mm Sd
86.5 cm²

Frame thickness

Tôle 5mm  
Diameter fixation holes 140 mm  

Diameter drilling enclosure

122 mm

Depth HP

80 mm