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285 GMF
Bass medium drive unit.
This high efficiency drive unit offer a very fast low register to you and pleasant listening. Ideal listening with an amplifier of low power (tube or transistor) of approximately 10W, it supports also stronger powers for a use out of low register boxes. In open baffle, it will reinforce, with the same degree of accuracy of reproduction the 215 rtf, to add a low register reinforcement to him and to ensure a comfortable and balanced listening. In column TQWT it will emphasize all the smoothness of your prefered listenings. In RJ box, bass reflex or symmetrical, it will be a low register of accompaniment of most precise. This driver unit could be coupled with an 1 inch driver + horn.
Mesurement curves
Spécifications 285 GMF

Efficiency 1 W/1m at Fs

99 dB


Frequency response 40 7kHz Re 6.5 ohms
Impedance 8 ohms



Power max. RMS

70 W Qe 0.39
Weight 3.5 kg Qm 8
Suspension 3 plis papier Vas 150 L
Linear excursion 8 mm Bl 10.7

Magnet diameter

120 mm Cms
Magnetic field 1.4 T Mms 20 g

Diameter HP

290/307mm Sd
471 cm²

Frame thickness

Alu 8mm    
Diameter fixation holes 294 mm    

Diameter drilling enclosure

280 mm    

Depth HP

128 mm