EXC Series
Its objective, to maintain the philosophy of SUPRAVOX, full range drive units and high efficiency.
With EXC series (driver unit with excitation), diameter 165 to 380 mm, the audiophile can satisfy its passion. The Supravox team, always in intense activity of research, proposes four evolutions of these traditional references equipped with a powerful electro magnet.


It has a moving element and a frequency response identical to 165-2000. Its advantage is the possibility of adjustment of these parameters thanks to a powerful electromagnetic engine. Adaptable of this fact to many enclosures, it requires an external power.

Frequency response in 1/3 octaves, dBspl/1m/2.83V at 0° and 30°.
Temporal damping.
Impedance curve.


Efficiency 1 W/ 1 m at Fs: 90 – 95dB
Bandwidth: 60Hz-20KHz
Power: 35W
Suspension : 5 paper pleats
Resonance frequency: 65 Hz
Linear excursion: 65 Hz
Magnetic field: 0 to 2 T
Diameter HP: 185mm
Frame thickness: Alu 10mm
Diameter fixation: 175mm
Diameter drilling holes: 160mm
Depth HP: 95mm
Alimentation: 0 to 10 V CC.