Product Sheet 215 Heritage


Alnico, one of the oldest magnet formula with its Ticonal cousin, offer high remanence, almost perfect temperature ratio, very high usage temperature of 450°C, but low coercivity for old and usual grades. It’s a very good, and expensive, magnet which needs careful design of the magnet assembly to exploit its qualities.

The all-new loudspeaker is based on the original T. 215 SRTF diaphragm from the 1960s. We have indeed developed this loudspeaker by starting from original models in order to find the sound qualities that have satisfied music lovers over the past decades.


Sensitivity 1 W/ 1 m à Fs: 97,5dB
Bandwidth: 60Hz-10KHz
Impedance :
Power max. RMS: 25W
Cone: paper
Surround: 3 pleated paper
Voice coil: 25 mm
X max: 3,2 mm
X damage: 6,5 mm
Magnet: Alnico 5
Field strength : 1,2T


Fs : 64 Hz
Re : 5,5 Ω
Le : 0,30mH
Qts : 0,63
Qe : 0,71
Qm : 5,67
Vas : 65 L
Bl : 5,4 Tm
Mms : 9,4 g
Sd : 263 cm^2