Classic series
Its objective, to maintain the philosophy of SUPRAVOX ,full range driver units and high efficiency. We work still to widen the useful bandwidth for a highest efficiency possible, while unceasingly improving the definition, the quality and the linearity. Diameter 135 to 380 mm, the audiophile can satisfy its passion.

The 215 Signature is an evolution of the 215 rtf Bicone. It is the result of the Supravox experiment on the cones treatments and the optimization of the couple magnet/voice coil.

A new treatment of the cone brings a stepping even more harmonious and soft between the cone and the bicone as well as a better control of the fractionation of membrane.

The engine and the voice coil were modified to ensure this high speaker a greater clearance of membrane, a better reproduction of the low registers without compression of dynamics.

The linear excursion passes from +/- 2mm with +/- 4mm. It offers a low register deeper tended and precise. All this is paid by a sensitivity of 93 dB/W. This 215 is has to privilege for the followers of a very balanced listening.

Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz in the axis


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 30°


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 60°


Frequency response in 1/3 octave


Impulse response







You will find below the parameters 2019, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.

Efficiency (2,83/1m):

Efficiency (1W/1m):



Bandwidth: 50Hz-20KHz
Power max RMS: 35W
Suspension: 3 paper pleats
Linear excursion: +/- 4,1mm
Magnet diameter: ferrite 120mm
Magnetic field: 1 T
Diameter HP: 224/237mm
Frame thickness: Aluminum
Diameter fixation: 227mm
Diameter drilling holes: 212mm
Depth HP: 105mm
Fs : 55Hz
Re : 5.5Ω
Qts : 1
Qes : 1.23
Qms : 5,33
Vas : 88,6 L
Bl : 3.65
Le 1 kHz: 0.414 mH
Mms : 8,6 g
Sd : 254 cm2