Heritage Series
The Heritage line is inspired by the Supravox legendary products from the 60’s and 70’s.

This brand new loudspeaker is based on the original membrane of the T. 245 BASSES from the 1960s. We have indeed developed this loudspeaker by starting from original models in order to find the sound qualities that have satisfied music lovers over the past decades.

We have designed a new bowl in die-cast aluminium, very rigid, ventilated under the spider, the motor field has been optimised using FEA software, its high manufacturing quality is ensured by an automatic numerically controlled winding machine. For this 245 we have designed a new lightweight coil made of copper-plated aluminium wire. A thorough study of membrane treatment ensures a linear, and very extensive, response.

The high sensitivity of this transducer allows a wide adjustment range depending on the end use. From 5V for a bass-reflex, up to 15V for a very high efficiency overhead system. A balanced and extended bass response, even on a flat cabinet, is achieved at 6V. When listening, this speaker is particularly musical due to its excellent tonal balance and low distorsion.

Frequency response in 1/3 octaves, dBspl/1m/2.83V at 0° and 30°.


Temporal damping.


Sensitivity curve.




Below are the 2019 parameters, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.
Efficiency (2,83V/1 m): 101,5 dBspl
Efficiency (1W/1 m): 100,7 dBspl
Bandwidth: 50Hz-8KHz
Power max: 50W
Cone: Papier
Surround: 3 plis papier
Voice coil: 35 mm
X max: +/- 3,5 mm
X damage: 9 mm
Magnet: Alnico V
Diameter fixation: 249mm
Diameter drilling holes: 237mm
Depth HP: 183mm
Frame:  Aluminum
Fs: 53 Hz
Re: 6,5 Ω
Le 1 kHz: 0,72 mH
Qts: 0,25
Qes: 0,27
Qms: 3,5
Vas: 90 L
Bl: 11,1
Mms: 15,4 g
Sd: 330 cm²