Product Sheet

2000 Series
Driver units SUPRAVOX series 2000 are been driven by engine alnico .


Derived from 285 GMF 285-2000 take back the membrane with a more powerful engine. The new Alnico engine, developed under FEA software, switches from an annular type configuration to a central core of one kilogram of Alnico 5. This arrangement makes it possible to capture 100% of the energy of the magnet. The magnetic field reaches 1.4T in the gap of 8mm.

The new pole profile gives a better symmetry of the Bl (x) curve, with a 3.5mm excursion, and generates less distortion. This powerful yet compact magnetic unit releases the backwash of the speaker. The mobile crew being unchanged, we find all the subjective qualities of the 285-2000: balance, transparency, vivacity of the low-medium.

Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz in the axis


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 30°


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 60°


Frequency response in 1/3 octave


Impulse response







You will find below the parameters 2019, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.

Efficiency (2,83V/1m):

Efficiency (1W/1m):



Bandwidth: 45Hz-7KHz
Power max RMS: 35W
Suspension: 3 paper pleats
Linear excursion: +/- 3.5mm
Magnet: Alnico V
Magnetic field: 1.4 T
Diameter HP: 294/310mm
Frame thickness: Aluminum
Diameter fixation: 294mm
Diameter drilling holes: 275mm
Depth HP: 177mm
Fs: 47Hz
Re: 6.5Ω
Qts: 0.21
Qe: 0.22
Qm: 7,3
Vas: 159 L
Bl: 13,26
Le 1 kHz: 0,71 mH
Mms: 20 g
Sd: 442,6 cm2