Classic series
Its objective, to maintain the philosophy of SUPRAVOX, full range driver units and high efficiency. We work still to widen the useful bandwidth for a highest efficiency possible, while unceasingly improving the definition, the quality and the linearity. Diameter 135 to 380 mm, the audiophile can satisfy its passion.


This high efficiency drive unit offer a very fast low register to you and pleasant listening. Ideal listening with an amplifier of low power (tube or transistor) of approximately 10W, it supports also stronger powers for a use out of low register boxes. In open baffle, it will reinforce, with the same degree of accuracy of reproduction the 215 rtf, to add a low register reinforcement to him and to ensure a comfortable and balanced listening.

In column TQWT it will emphasize all the smoothness of your preferred listenings.

In RJ subwoofer, bass reflex or symmetrical, it will be a low register of accompaniment of most precise. This driver unit could be coupled with an 1 inch driver + horn.

Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz in the axis


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 30°


Frequency response 200 Hz to 20 kHz at 60°


Frequency response in 1/3 octave


Impulse response







You will find below the parameters 2019, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.

Efficiency (2,83V/1m):

Efficiency (1W/1m):



Bandwidth: 40Hz-7KHz
Power max RMS: 70W
Suspension: 3 paper pleats
Linear excursion: +/- 3,4 mm
Magneet diameter: ferrite 120mm
Magnetic field: 1.1 T
Diameter HP: 290/310mm
Frame thickness: Aluminum
Diameter fixation: 294mm
Diameter drilling holes: 275mm
Depth HP: 128mm
Fs: 47,8Hz
Re: 6,5Ω
Qts: 0.33
Qe: 0.345
Qm: 8,86
Vas: 157 L
Bl: 10.55
Le 1kHz: 1,02 mH
Mms : 19.7 g
Sd : 442,6 cm2