2000 Series

The SUPRAVOX 2000 series drivers are equipped with Alnico motors.


The 380-2000 OB is a high efficiency (95 dB) bass driver, it is derived from the 380-2000: it is dedicated to audiophile installations of the baffle-plane type, or closed/infinite.

It covers the 40-500Hz band in 250 to 300L, or in open-baffle.

Its new Alnico motor, assembled around a central 1kg Alnico V magnet, uses a 20mm flat copper wire coil wound on a field, on a ventilated support in glass fibre reinforced Kapton, associated to a profiled core, this assembly offers a perfectly symmetrical travel of +/- 7mm.

Two aluminium demodulation rings stabilize the motor field, but also reduce, linearize and symmetrize the Le(x).

The moving parts take advantage of our new exponential cone, this one by the formulation of its paper offers a better damping which guarantees clarity and definition, while ensuring by its profile a greater rigidity offering a reduced distortion in the low register.

This brand new driver surpasses our 400-2000, and is a reference in high-fidelity: bandwidth, linearity of response, clarity of sound, dynamic range, thermal and mechanical resistance, very low distortion.


Specifications (pre-series)

Below are the 2019 parameters, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.

Efficiency (2,83V/1m) : 95,3dB
Efficiency (1W/1m) : 93.9dB
Bandwidth: 45Hz-5KHz
Impedance: 8 Ω
Surround: Canvas
Xmax : +/- 7mm
Magnet: Alnico V
Magnetic field: 1 T
Diameter: 388mm
Frame: Aluminum
Diameter fixation: 370-374mm
Diameter drilling holes: 354mm
Depth HP:
Weight HP ;
7 kg
Fs: 27,5 Hz
Re: 5,78 Ω
Le 1 kHz: 1,05 mH
Qts: 0,45
Qe: 0,49
Qms: 5,6
Vas: 360 L
Bl: 14,9
Mms: 108,5 g
Sd: 908 cm²