Classic series

Its objective is to maintain Supravox’s philosophy of developing high performance broadband loudspeakers. We are working to further expand the useful bandwidth for the highest possible efficiency, while continuously improving the definition, quality and linearity of response. From 135 to 380 mm diameter, the audiophile can satisfy his passion.

Supravox, starting from a blank page but based on its long experience, redefines what a large-diameter high-fidelity woofer is: neutral and dynamic. 18 months of research and development is revealed in the new Supravox 380 series.


The 380 GMF PRO woofer with very high efficiency (99 dB), is the twin of the 380 GMF: the professional version benefits from a more powerful motor, to ensure optimal damping when “hot”, during intensive use.

In active mode, it allows to build up a compact long throw system: 50-500Hz in 100L tuned at 40Hz (two vents diameter 160mm length 37cm). 122dBspl/1m @ 350W. Its bandwidth can be extended to 45Hz in 140L tuned at 40Hz (recommended blowhole: 2* PVC 160mm by 25cm). 121dBspl/1m @ 300W.

It covers the bandwidth 45-500Hz in 140L tuned to 35Hz in passive (recommended blowhole: 2* PVC 160mm by 36cm). 120dBspl/1m @ 250W.

In a home cinema application it can be used as an active subwoofer (cut at 120Hz 18dB/oct to equalize it), it covers the bandwidth 35-130Hz, in 160L tuned at 35Hz, delivering 119dBspl @ 250W.


Its new motor uses a 76mm flat copper wire coil wound on a 20mm field, combined with a profiled core, this assembly offers a symmetrical travel of +/- 7mm.

Two aluminium demodulation rings stabilize the motor field, but also reduce, linearize and symmetrize the Le(x).

The moving parts take advantage of our new exponential cone, this one by the formulation of its paper offers a better damping which guarantees clarity and definition, while ensuring by its profile a greater rigidity offering a reduced distortion in the low register.

This brand new driver surpasses our previous 400 GMF PRO in all points: linearity of response, clarity of sound, dynamic range, thermal and mechanical resistance, and significantly reduced distortion.


Specifications pre-series

Below are the 2019 parameters, measured according to the AES2-1984-r2003 standard.

Efficiency (2.83V/1m):

Efficiency( 1W/1m):



Bandwith: 40Hz-2KHz
Max Power RMS: 500W
Suspension: Canvas
Linear excursion: +/- 7mm
Magnet diameter: ferrite 180mm
Magnetic field: 1.25 T
Diameter HP: 388mm
Frame thickness: Aluminum
Diameter fixation: 370-374mm
Diameter drilling holes: 354mm
Depth HP:

Weight HP:


7 kg

Fs: 31Hz
Re: 5.55Ω
Qts: 0.27
Qe: 0.28
Qm: 8
Vas: 350 L
Bl: 19
Le 1 kHz: 1.08 mH
Mms: 101 g
Sd: 908 cm2