Product Sheet

Thanks to a long work about drive units, Supravox’s engineers designed the majority of their loudspeakers without filtering which is the best way to optimize a exceptional sound reproduction and natural restitution.


This TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube) enclosure is a full range enclosure equipped with a 215-2000.

With the efficiency of the 215-2000, it makes it possible to used with valve amplifiers of little
power (2A3, mono triod).

We find all qualities of the 215 Signature with more dynamics and better linearity in high medium due to the absence of bi-cone.


Efficiency: 99dB
Bandwidth: 55Hz-18KHz
Impedance :
Power: 20W
Enclosure type: TQWT
Drive units : 215-2000 – 21cm
Connectiors: A Drive unit’s terminal pair compatible banana or fork.
Finishing: Walnut


Further informations
Dimensions (LxHxP) Product: 200 x 1100 x 410 mm
Product Weight: 40 Kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Packaging: 500 x 380 x 1185 mm
Packaging Weight: 44 Kg piece
Number of packaging: 2