Thanks to its long-standing work on loudspeakers, Supravox engineers design most of their loudspeakers without using a crossover, which is the best solution to obtain an exceptional and natural sound reproduction.

The Mini-OB is the spiritual heritage of the Zélia.

Building on our work on the 215 Heritage range of speakers, we started from the Alnico central magnet motor base for the new 215 AL speakers equipping this loudspeaker.

We use this 21cm extended bass-midrange in open baffle, in order to keep its legendary definition in the midrange.
Beyond 3 kHz it is backed up by our TG1/4, renowned for its dynamics and transparency.

To sit and extend the bass response, we use a second 215 AL filtered in 2.5 channels. This pair of 215s have an emissive surface area of 31cm, their 3mm deviation of contact offers a dynamic and articulated bass.
We have opted for a quasi-optimal second order Linkwitz-Riley type filtering.


Efficiency : 97dB
Bandwidth: 50Hz-23KHz
Power : 50W
Number of ways: 2,5
Acoustical load: open baffle
Drive units: 2x 215AL, 1x TG1/4
Connectors: Mono-wiring compatible banana or fork


further informations
Dimensions (LxHxP) Product: 300/600 x 1060 x 530 mm
Product Weight: 30 Kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Packaging: 590 x 1235 x 740 mm
Packaging Weight: 35 Kg piece
Number of packaging: 2


Rosewood: N.C.
Black lacquer: N.C.