Product Sheet

Thanks to a long work about drive units, Supravox’s engineers designed the majority of their loudspeakers without filtering which is the best way to optimize a exceptional sound reproduction and natural restitution.

Zelia Alnico is the top of the range of Supravox loudspeakers line.

The original concept is simple : use the midrange on the largest possible frequency range, add the best of bass and tweeter drivers to extend its bandwidth, load them on open baffle to keep their expressiveness and avoid any boxe sound.


Efficiency : 96dB
Bandwidth: 40Hz-23KHz
Power : 150W
Number of ways: 3
Acoustical load: open baffle
Drive units: 2x 285 GF – 1x 165 MF – 1x TG1/4
filter: 300-3000Hz Linkwitz-Riley – 2nd order (12dB./octave)
Connectors: Bi wiring bass/midrange-high – Compatible banana or fork.


further informations
Dimensions (LxHxP) Product: 505 x 1245 x 1005 mm
Product Weight: 62 Kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Packaging: 950 x 134 x 365 mm
Packaging Weight: 67 Kg piece
Number of packaging: 2


Rosewood: N.C.
Black lacquer: N.C.