Loudspeaker Manufacture since 1956

Welcome to the official website of Supravox.

For over 50 years Supravox has been manufacturing high-sensitivity broadband loudspeakers. Our product line includes the Classic Series - ferrite magnets, the 2000 Series - ALNICO magnets and the EXC Series which utilise field coil electromagnets.

Supravox, and its predecessor, has been manufacturing field coil loudspeakers since the 1930's and so could well be the oldest continues production of field coil loudspeakers in the world. All of our drivers feature exponentially curved paper cones carefully developed over half a century for their exceptional sonic character. We also manufacture loudspeaker systems and will soon be providing state of the art models. Our current crew combines the knowledge and experience derived from over half a century of development with the latest in modern technology. FEMM modelling, Klippel measurements and CAD/CAM/CNC manufacturing are combined with a high degree of musical sensitivity and historical knowledge.

Dedicated to developing and evolving the standard of sound reproduction, every one of our speaker drivers is individually measured and supplied with its own Thiele/Small parameter measurements. Stereo pairs are then matched. This level of quality control guarantees published data represents the minimum our products are capable of: a level of dedication and transparency that is unmatched in the industry.

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