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Welcome to the official website of Supravox. French manufacturer of speakers and high-end speakers. Come discover our different types of speakers: columns, libraries or our subwoofers but also our speakers with classic series, 2000 series or EXC series.

Supravox has been manufacturing loudspeakers for many years. Discover the emblematic Bahia floorstanding as well as different models of bookshelf speakers or even subwoofers.

There are three ranges of Supravox speakers: the Classic Series, including the 215 Signature Bi-cone, the 2000 Series and the EXC Series.

The Supravox loudspeakers are composed of different types of magnet: ferrite (for the Classic series), Alnico (for the 2000 series) and magnet magnet (for the EXC series).

The new team, with the loving but careful help of the elders, endowed with a precious know-how, continues to brandish the banner of the “HAUTE FIDELITE FRANCAISE” very high. We work to perpetuate and evolve this standard of sound reproduction quality for the benefit of your senses

Each loudspeaker is measured one by one, provided with its Thiele and Small parameter sheet. Depending on these, they are then paired so that you have speakers working absolutely the same way.

You will finally find different Kits that will allow you, using plans, to design your own speakers with speakers Supravox.