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135 LB Fullrange driver unit 35W / 95dB / 8 Ohms

135 LB Fullrange driver unit 35W / 95dB / 8 Ohms

Download 135LB datasheet.

The 135LB is a high efficiency, full range speaker driver. With a focus on  high efficiency and broadband application, our hall marks of speed,  definition and tone are native in all of our products. Due to its small size and the resulting lack of beaming the 135LB is able to reproduce high  frequencies to 18,000hz without a second cone. A highly optimised interface between voice coil former and cone make this possible. In bass reflex cabinets of small volumes it produces a frequency response of 60 to 18Khz +/- 3db without any correction. Its small size allows it to do things larger drivers cannot. Without a crossover, beaming or whizzer cone it has a speed, coherency and clarity both on and off axis which are notable and make it worthy of consideration in a variety of applications. 

Description :
Impedance: 8Ω
External diameter: 151mm
Depth: 80mm
Max power: 35w
Surround: Textile
Cone: Curvalinear Paper

Thiele/Small Parameters :
Fs: 95hz   Vas: 6.3L   Re: 5.25
Qms: 3.2   Qes: .332   Qts: 0.3
Bl 6.05   dB: 94   Sd: 7.854E-3 M2
Mms: 3.9g   Le: 0.23mH   Xmax: 3.2mm

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