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215 Signature Bi-Cône 35W / 94,5dB / 8 Ohms

215 Signature Bi-Cône 35W / 94,5dB / 8 Ohms

The goal of the Classic Series is to maintain Supravox's philosophy of developing high-efficiency full-range loudspeakers. We are working to further expand the useful bandwidth for the highest possible performance, while constantly improving the definition, quality and linearity of response. From diameter 135 to 380 mm, the audiophile can satisfy his passion.


The 215 Signature is an evolution of the 215 RTF bi-cone. It is the culmination of the Supravox experience on membrane treatments and optimization of the motor/coil couple.

A new cone treatment provides an even more harmonious and smooth overlap between the main cone and the whizzer cone as well as better control of cone fractionings. The motor and voice coil have been modified to provide this speaker with greater diaphragm travel, better bass reproduction without dynamic compression.

The linear excursion goes from +/- 2mm to +/- 4mm. It offers a deeper, tighter and more precise bass.

This loudspeaker therefore presents an excellent compromise between a beautiful reproduction of the first octaves and a sensitivity of 94.5dB/W2.83V.

This 215 is to be preferred for music lovers looking for a very balanced listening from a single driver.

This loudspeaker is also available without bicone.Without the bicone, the response is linear up to 10 kHz.


Frequency response from 200Hz to 20 kHz on axis


Frequency response from 200Hz to 20kHz at 30°


Frequency response from 200Hz to 20kHz at 60°


1/3 octave frequency response


impulse response





Below are the 2019 parameters, measured using AES2-1984-r2003.

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 94,5dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 92,8dB
Bandwidth : 50Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 8 Oh
power max. RMS : 35 W.
Suspension : 3 ply paper
Linear excursion: +/- 4,1 mm
Magnet : ferrite 120 mm
Magnetic field : 1 T
HP diameter: 224/237 mm
Basket: Aluminum
Mounting hole distance: 227 mm
Enclosure drilling diameter: 212mm
HP depth: 105mm
Fs : 55 Hz
Re : 5.5 Ohms
And 1 kHz : 0,414 mH
Qts : 1
Qes: 1,23
Qms : 5,33
Vas: 88,6 L
Bl : 3,65
Mms : 8,6 g
Sd : 254 cm²
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