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380 GMF LC Woofer / 98dB / 8 Ohms

380 GMF LC Woofer / 98dB / 8 Ohms

380 GMF LC Low frequency driver / 98dB / 8 Ohms

The 380 GMF LC is a highly efficient low-frequency driver (98.3 dB).  this version of our 380 series drivers is dedicated to high-fidelity/monitoring use, in the spirit of the Altec 416, or JBL 2226, it covers the 30Hz to -600Hz bandwidth.

This all-new loudspeaker is defined by great linearity of response, clarity of sound, dynamic range, thermal and mechanical resistance, and noticeably low distortion.

Supravox, starting from a blank page but drawing on its long experience, offers you a large-diameter high-fidelity bass driver: neutral and dynamic. 12 months of research and development were needed to finalize the new 380 Supravox series.

 The 380 GMF LC is optimized for a bass-reflex use from 120L/40Hz to 200L/35Hz.

In 150L tuned at 37Hz it covers the 40-500Hz band. Recommended vents: 2* PVC 160mm (see 3* PVC 160mm depending on listening level).

Its new motor uses a 76 mm coil made of copper wire which in combination with a profiled core, offers a symmetrical travel of +/- 7 mm.

The moving assembly benefits from our new exponential cone, which by the formulation of its paper, offers better damping, a guarantee of clarity and definition, while ensuring, by its profile, greater rigidity offering reduced distortion in the low register.

We have designed the basket diameter to be a perfect replacement for the early Altec 416/515 (diameter of 388mm that will fit perfectly the enclosures fitted with early 416/515.




Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 98,3dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m): .
Bandwidth : 35Hz-600KHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Suspension :  
Linear excursion: +/- 7 mm
Magnet :  
Magnetic field :  
Basket: Aluminum
HP diameter: 388mm
Mounting hole distance:  
Enclosure drilling diameter:  
HP depth:  
HP weight:  
Fs : 38.5565 Hz
Re : 5.8 Ohms
L1 kHz : 0,9197 mH
Qts : 0,3576
Qe: 0,3811
Qms : 5,7779
Vas: 232.9744 L
Bl : 17.6167
Mms : 84.1842 g
Sd : 9.079E-2 cm²
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