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400 GMF 98.5db high sensitivity woofer

400 GMF 98.5db high sensitivity woofer

The new high bass speaker
Performance (98.5 dB) gives you a fast, deep bass, very pleasant.

It uses the same moving parts than the 400-2000 but a different ferrite magnet of 220 Mm giving this woofer a very high magnetic field and a high efficiency.

The 400 GMF can be used with a horn and driver (one inch ok) Mounted in a bassreflex box or
jensen, cut off at 500/600Hz, the frequency
response will be straight at ± 2 dB until the cut-off frequency. 

With an extremely low FS of the order of 20Hz, it will be a great driver for building a high quality sub-woofer.

Specifications 400 GMF
Sensibility (2.83 v/1m) 98,5db
Bandwidth 19Hz-4khz
Impedance 8 Oh
RMS Max Power 120W
Suspension : Cloth
Linear excursion: 10mm
Magnet : Ferrite
Magnetic field : 1,8T
Salad bowl: Aluminum
HP diameter: 404mm
Mounting hole distance: 382mm
Enclosure drilling diameter: 358mm
HP depth: 165mm
HP weight: 10,7Kg
Fs : 18,87 Ohms
Re : 6.5 Ohms
L1 kHz : 0,8799 mH
Qts : 0,14053576
Qes: 0,1432
Qms : 7,5492
Vas: 490
Bl : 18.2908 T-m
Mms : 62.1385 g
Sd : 855cm2







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