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ALIZEE HERITAGE - Pair of TQWT loudspeakers 2x25W / 96dB

ALIZEE HERITAGE - Pair of TQWT loudspeakers 2x25W / 96dB

Thanks to its long-standing work on loudspeakers, Supravox engineers design most of their loudspeakers without using a filter, which is the best solution to obtain an exceptional and natural sound reproduction.

This TQWT loudspeaker (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube or Quarter Wave) is a full-range loudspeaker equipped with a 215 Heritage bicone.
This loudspeaker uses the original cone of the legendary T. 215 SRTF wideband from the sixties.

We started from original models in order to find the sound qualities that have satisfied music lovers over the past decades.

The new Alnico motor, developed under FEA software, is designed around a central magnet of one kilogram of Alnico 5. This arrangement makes it possible to capture 100% of the energy of the magnet. The magnetic field reaches 1.2T in the 8mm gap.

The profile of the pole brings a perfect symmetry of the Bl(x) curve, with an excursion of 3.2mm, and generates less distortion.
A thorough study of the treatment of the membrane ensures a linear response, and very extended.
The addition of the original bicone, with very thin and light paper, stiffened by a specific treatment, makes it possible to extend the response up to 20kHz.



Efficiency (2.83V): 96dB
Bandwidth : 50Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
power max. RMS : 25W
Way: 1 (full-range)
Type of load: TQWT
Loud speaker : 215 Bicone Heritage
Connectors: 1 pair of banana or fork compatible speaker terminals
 Finishing : natural walnut
red walnut
bird's eye maple
Dimensions (WxHxD) Product: 300 x 1100 x 410 mm
Product Weight: 36 kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Carton : 500 x 380 x 1185 mm
Box weight: 41 kg piece
Number of boxes: 2
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