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MINA - Pair of bookshelf speakers 60W / 90dB

MINA - Pair of bookshelf speakers 60W / 90dB

High-Fidelity Article N°245 – 2020


Following requests for compact products, we created this bookshelf speaker.

We have studied the following concepts:

  • design as a complex whole: loudspeakers + load + filter
  • acoustic dimensioning of the internal volume
  • internal damping
  • rigidity of the cabinetwork by belting
  • vent sizing
  • development of two new dedicated loudspeakers
  • specific filtering
  • choice of passive components
  • acoustic design of the front grille, in order to eliminate its influence on the frequency response

The 165 GMF 2 uses a specific Supravox cone associated with a brand new ferrite motor, carefully studied in terms of symmetry and linearity of BL(x) and Le(x).
It is associated with a rubber edge ensuring a wide linear travel, required by its extended bandwidth.
This loudspeaker retains the qualities of timbre, transparency and liveliness, signatures of Supravox loudspeakers, added to an increased dynamics due to its significant travel of +/- 4.5 mm.

This bass-mid is associated with a new 28 mm silk dome tweeter, with a copper-ringed ferrite motor, decompressed by a closed internal load.


Yield : 90dB
Bandwidth : 50Hz-23KHz
Impedance: 8 ohms
AES power: 60W
Number of channels: 2
Type of load: Bass-reflex, back-ported
Loud speaker : 165 GMF 2, TS1/4
Connectors: 1 pair of banana or fork compatible speaker terminals
 Finishing :  Rosewood



Dimensions (WxHxD) Product: 239 x 441 x 314 mm
Product Weight: 9.5 kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Carton : 340 x 515 x 425 mm
Box weight: 14 kg piece
Number of boxes: 2
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