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ZELIA Alnico - Pair of open baffle loudspeakers 150W / 96dB

ZELIA Alnico - Pair of open baffle loudspeakers 150W / 96dB


The Zelia Alnico is the evolution of the Zélia, top of the range of the catalog of loudspeakers designed by the Supravox team.

The concept is the same as ferrite Zelia: use the midrange over the widest bandwidth possible, add the best bass and the best treble, load them into an open baffle in order to preserve the expressiveness of the loudspeakers and eliminate any box coloration.

We have created two new Alnico drivers for this model: the 165 MA, and the 285 GA. The medium retains the membrane of the 165 Supravox, is powered by a huge Alnico motor in short coil configuration, offering a travel of +/- 3 mm. The two 285 GA benefit from a stiffened cone, combined with a small-pleated fabric edge allowing wide travels of the cone, their optimized parameters allow us to obtain quick, dynamic and surprisingly low frequencies in an open baffle configuration. These loudspeakers are associated with our TG1/4 beyond 3 kHz where its dynamics and transparency work wonders.

The 3-way filter, a near-optimal second-order Linkwitz-Riley type, has been optimized accordingly.

Yield : 96dB
Bandwidth : 40Hz-23KHz
Impedance: 4 Ω
power max. RMS : 150W
Number of ways: 3
Type of load: Baffle plan
Loud speaker : 2x 285 AF, 1x 165 AF, 1x TG1/4
Connectors: Bi-wiring bass / mid-treble compatible bananas or forks


Dimensions (WxHxD) Product: 505 x 1245 x 1005 mm
Product Weight: 62 kg piece
Dimensions (LxHxP) Carton : 620 x 1170 x 255 mm
Box weight: 66 kg piece
Number of boxes: 2


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